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    Ronnie Williams came on late to spoil a great shot by Boehler Racing’s Matt Swanson on lap 81. Williams had started twelfth and edged his way through the
    crowd. Swanson, meanwhile, had spoiled Ron Silk’s bid for another win in the event, by stealing the lead midway through the race, which Silk had led since lap
    15. Williams collected the big check and Tommy Barrett sneaked past Swanson for second three laps after Williams had gotten by. Five laps later, the finish was
    Williams, Barrett and Swanson for the podium. Matt Hirschman grabbed fourth and Todd Patnode rounded out the top five.
    Woody Pitkat and Todd Kochenash led the field down to the green flag. Swanson was outside Anthony Sesely in row two while Silk and Patnode backed them up.

    Pitkat and Kochenash were door-to-door out of the box and Pitkat gained an edge. Kochenash grabbed second with Sesely third. Swanson was fourth with Silk at
    his back. Sesely attempted to get under Kochenash but was held off. Silk then ducked under Sesely into third and ran to Kochenash’s bumper. Ten laps in, it was
    four cars at the front running bumper-to-bumper: Pitkat, Kochenash, Silk and Sesely. Silk then ducked under Kochenash into second. The field, running single
    file, filled most of the third-mile oval.
    Silk got by Pitkat for the lead on lap fifteen but the latter pursued relentlessly. The field settled in for some hard running, nose-to-tail in many places. Andrew
    Charron became the first lapped car on lap 29 and four more loomed ahead. Silk and Pitkat motored through them.
    Geoff Rollins brought out the first caution on lap 31 coming loose in turn two and running into the grass at mid-track.
    Silk and Pitkat lined up and Silk nosed into the lead on the green. Pitkat settled in with Sesely behind him followed by Patnode. Rob Murphy had been working on
    Patnode and broke into fourth on lap 34. Hirschman now put in an appearance in the top five by getting past Patnode, as well as Keith Rocco.
    Silk went to work and had a four-car lead on lap 40. Behind him, Pitkat was three up on Sesely and it was another three back to Hirschman who had moved
    Murphy back. Rocco had also passed Murphy, who followed with Swanson surging up behind him. Swanson took his position on lap 42 with an underneath move.
    Carl Medeiros then slide off the front stretch to the infield bringing a lap 43 restart. He retired to the pits.
    The grid still featured Silk, Pitkat and Sesely as the top three, but Hirschman sat on Sesely’s shoulder. Rocco and Swanson made up Row 3. Russ Hersey and
    Murphy backed them up. It was door-to-door out of the box with Silk again taking the lead coming out of turn two. But Charron spun, bringing a second restart.
    This time, Silk grabbed the front immediately.
    Hirschman got under Sesely into third and began working on Pitkat. In the meantime, Swanson moved into fifth on lap 46. He looked under Sesely but the latter
    slammed the door.
    The fi eld ran single-file through the race’s midpoint. Sesely, Swanson and Rocco followed the leaders, chased by Russ Hersey and Rob Murphy.
    Caution flew on lap 53 with Kirk Alexander and Dana DiMatteo against the wall. Alexander pulled away, but DiMatteo was off on the hook. Alexander made
    another lap but then ended his evening. Many cars ran to the pits for tires and adjustments. The entire top 40 made the move and this elevated Swanson to the
    On the restart, Rob Murphy accompanied him to the front row. Rocco and Kochenash were the second tier, ahead of Calvin Carroll and Brian Robie. Out of the
    box. Swanson took a nose on Murphy. They ran a lap side-by-side before Swanson grabbed the lead the next time through turn two. Murphy dropped in ahead of
    Kochenash and Andy Jankowiak as the field again was quickly single file.
    Over the next eight laps, Swanson generated a four-car advantage over Murphy and Kochenash. But now Williams was on his way up and got under Sesely and
    into fifth place. Barrett was now on Carroll’s bumper and looking to grab sixth place. He got by with thrity laps to go.
    At the three-quarters point, Swanson was still up on Murphy. Kochenash was third, ahead of Jankowiak but Murphy was shortening the distance as was
    Kochenash, who went by Murphy into second.
    But Silk, running deep in the pack after the tire stop, suddenly spun and caution flew.
    Williams was in the top five, now, and went past Murphy. Another lap and he was past Kochenash into second.
    With 20 laps remaining, Swanson was nursing a four-car lead on him. But Silk, running deep in the pack after the tire stop, suddenly spun and caution flew.
    Swanson pulled away, but after five hard laps, Brian Robie’s motor died on the front stretch and they lined up again.
    Kochenash and Murphy backed up Swanson and Williams, while Barrett was restarting fifth. Patnode and Hirschman rounded out the top ten for the green. They
    ran door-to-door as Kochenash looked underneath but was rebuffed. Swanson edged into the lead with Williams all over his bumper. He looked underneath and
    went. As they battled, and the count clicked down to ten to go, caution flew once more, and for the last time.
    Swanson and Williams lined up. Swanson nosed out, then took the lead, but Williams dropped under and came on hard. They were door-to-door and then Williams
    grabbed the front on the backstretch. Swanson attempted to drop under, but the door was closed. Barrett moved in behind them with Kochenash now third.
    Hirschman was barging into fifth.
    Barrett got under Swanson and into second with four laps to go. Kochenash was trying to fend of Hirschmann, but the latter prevailed to move into fourth
    sending Carroll back to fifth. As the leaders streaked toward the finish, Patnode and Pitkat pushed forward into fifth and sixth to complete the race.

    Seventh on the evening went to Kochenash, followed by Carroll, Silk, John Kievman, Murphy and Sesely.

    Epping, NH (July 27, 2019): Ron Silk of Norwalk, CT, used pit strategy and veteran moves to win the SBM 125 at Star Speedway for the Tri-Track Open Modified
    Series (TTOMS) on Saturday night.  The victory was hard-fought over runner-up Ronnie Williams of Ellington, CT, and was determined coming to the checkers. It
    was the second Modified win in the state of New Hampshire in seven days for Silk. The win was also redemption of sorts for Silk who has endured terrible luck
    in recent TTOMS competition.
    Matt Swanson of Acton, MA, turned in another strong performance to complete the podium. Early leader Matt Hirschman of Northampton, PA, finished fourth
    over Andy Jankowiak of Tonawanda, NY. Richard Savary of Canton, MA, Cam McDermott of Canterbury, CT, Brad Babb of Windham, ME, Woody Pitkat of
    Bellingham, MA, and Brian Robie of Sunapee, NH, completed the top-ten.
    After qualifying through the consolation event and starting deep in the pack, Silk methodically worked his way through the field and by lap 35 he was solidly in
    the top ten. He took advantage of a lap 47 caution to come to pit road for service.  During a lap 71 caution, Silk was one of only three cars to remain on the
    track; giving him the point when the track went back to green. The strategy worked to perfection for Silk who went on to hold off challenges from Hirschman
    and finally Williams to score the popular victory.   
    By virtue of the redraw following heat race qualifying, Hirschman led the 27- car field to green for the start of the SBM 125. Hirschman jumped out to the lead
    with Pitkat following in line in second with Hersey and Swanson in tow. Over the opening laps a brewing battle for third between Hersey and Swanson was
    stalled by the first caution of the event on lap 6; involving Josh Cantera of Sanford, ME, and Jon Kievman of Deerfield Beach, FL.

    Hirschman was able to retain the lead on the restart ahead of Pitkat and Hersey. From the outside groove Swanson gave up a position to Savary. On lap 11,
    Savary took third from Hersey.  Deeper in the pack, rows of side-by-side racing saw Babb and Jacob Dore of Sanford, ME, McDermott and Anthony Sesely of
    Matawan, NJ, and Anthony Nocella of Berlin, MA and Andy J vying for position.  
    Fluid on the race track necessitated a caution on lap 19. Under yellow, Dore, Andy Shaw of Center Conway, NH and Nocella pitted. Back under racing conditions,
    it continued to be Hirschman over Pitkat and Savary. A bobble from the outside groove on the restart saw Hersey losing several spots.
    The third caution flew on lap 20 for a spin my Carl Medeiros, Jr. of Westport, MA. It was much of the same for Hirschman with Pitkat, Savary, and Swanson.
    Dana DiMatteo of Farmington, CT, joined the top five once back under green. Kirk Alexander of W. Swanzey, NH, joined the fray using the outside groove to get
    by Babb. Williams was also on the move and into the top ten. The action outside of the top ten continued to be spirited with McDermott, Jankowiak, Sesely and
    The front duo was beginning to breakaway from the field once again. Savary took chase followed by DiMatteo and Swanson.  Alexander and Williams had joined
    the battle for the top-five before the #92 of Nocella slowed on the speedway to bring out the fourth caution on lap 35.
    Behind the lead trio, the lap 35 restart saw some movement with the lead pack as Swanson and Williams gained positions. During the stretch of green flag
    racing, Silk got around Barrett, Hersey and Galko. He immediately went to work on Babb; taking the position on lap 43. He continued his charge to the front with
    a bold pass on Alexander for seventh.
    At the head of the field, Pitkat looked to be getting racy for the lead when the fifth caution flew for a spin by Vigeant on lap 47. Andy Shaw was penalized for his
    involvement. Silk pitted under the caution.
    On the lap 47 restart, Hirschman continued to show the way over Pitkat and Savary. Williams capitalized on the restart to move into fourth. He dove low on
    Savary on lap 52 and was able to make the pass stick. Once again, the lead duo was getting some breathing room over now third-running Williams. Savary was
    still in striking distance while Swanson ran alone in fifth.
    The top-ten at halfway were Hirschman, Pitkat, Williams, Savary, Swanson, DiMatteo, Alexander, Galko, Sesely, and Babb. Silk was mired deep in traffic.
    Hirschman was enjoying his largest lead of the night when the sixth caution flew on lap 71 for a multi-car incident in turn one. Under the caution, the entire field
    headed to the paddock area for service, except for Silk and Jankowiak, each who had short-pitted, and lucky dog recipient Donny Hartzel of Hunlock Creek, NJ.   

    For the safety of the competitors, the lap 71 yellow served as a competition caution and a cold pit situation. Teams coming off pit road maintained their
    positions behind the cars that stayed out. The ensuing restart found Silk and Jankowiak on the front row ahead of Hirschman and Pitkat.

    Hirschman darted to the inside; taking over second from Jankowiak.  Williams was able to take a spot from Pitkat as well. The top-six ran nose to tail with Silk
    showing the way over Hirschman.  Williams took over third from Jankowiak on lap 79.  The lead pack continued to run in close quarters as the laps began to
    wind down.  
    At lap 90, Silk was able to gain some breathing room over Hirschman. Williams was getting some pressure from Jankowiak while Pitkat had his hands full with
    Swanson. Sparks were flying for position just outside the top ten with Alexander, Galko and Cam McDermott as cars stacked up behind DiMatteo. Alexander got
    the short end of the action losing several positions.  
    Swanson got underneath Pitkat on lap 98. Despite lapped traffic, Silk was able to maintain his lead. Ten laps later, the lapped traffic nearly played a factor when
    Calvin Carrol of Andover, NJ, spun in close proximity to the leader, who was bearing down on a pack of cars, to bring out the seventh caution.
    The lap 108 restart allowed Hirschman to get alongside Silk. The move opened the door for Williams on the bottom groove. He was able to make the pass and
    mover into second. Williams was right on the back bumper of Silk. Matt Swanson was similarly working on Hirschman.  
    A large pile-up of cars deep in the field in turn four brought out the eighth and final caution on lap 114; setting up an 11-lap shootout to determine the winner
    with some very racy cars up front. On this restart, Silk had to contend with Williams to his outside. Silk got a great restart and darted out to the lead. Williams
    got in line in second.
    On lap 117, Williams poked in nose underneath Silk but could not make the pass. Swanson got by Hirschman to take third. Some ‘bump and run’ between the lead
    duo allowed Swanson to join the battle for the win.  In the end, it would be a two-horse race to the checkers. Over the final laps, Williams tried high and low; to
    no avail. On the final lap coming to the checkers, Williams dove to the inside of Silk. With the crowd on their feet, the two made contact. But Silk was able to
    keep it going in the right direction to score the victory.

    Tri-Track Open Modified Series, SBM 125, Star Speedway, July 27, 2019 Finish: 1. Ron Silk, Norwalk, CT; 2. Ronnie Williams, Ellington, CT; 3. Matt Swanson,
    Acton, MA; 4. Matt Hirschman, Northampton, PA; 5. Andy Jankowiak, Tonawanda, NY; 6. Richard Savary, Canton, MA; 7. Cam McDermott, Canterbury, CT; 8. Brad
    Babb, Windham, ME; 9. Woody Pitkat, Bellingham, MA; 10. Brian Robie, Sunapee, NH; 11. Anthony Sesely, Matawan, NJ; 12. Russ Hersey, Swanzey, NH; 13. Calvin
    Carroll, Andover, NJ; 14. Matt Galko, Meriden, CT; 15. Mike Holdridge, Madison, CT; 16. Jacob Dore, Sanford, ME; 17. Andy Shaw, Center Conway, NH; 18. Tommy
    Barrett, Millis, MA; 19. Les Hinckley, Windsor Locks, CT; 20. Dana DiMatteo, Farmington, CT; 21. Kirk Alexander, W. Swanzey, NH; 22. Donny Hartzell, Hunlock
    Creek, NJ; 23. Kurt Vigeant, Oxford, MA; 24. Anthony Nocella, Berlin, MA; 25. Carl Medeiros, Jr., Westport, MA; 26. Jon Kievman, Deerfield Beach, FL; 27. Josh
    Cantara, Sanford, MA. DNQ: Geoff Rollins, Groton, MA; Andrew Charron, E. Greenwich, RI; Colbey Fournier, Berkley, MA; Kreig Heroth, Fort Plain, NY; George
    Sherman, Framingham, MA.


    Seekonk speedway tri-track,open wheel, winner Ron Silk
    Haunted 100 and Tri-Track,open wheel tour type mods CHAMP!
                        MATT HIRSCHMAN
    MEET THE CHAMPS: Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in 2019
    By Kyle Souza, Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

    THOMPSON, Conn. -- More than 200 race cars took the green flag across five NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
    divisions this season at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. After 10 events, and countless battles on the track,
    five drivers earned the right to add their name to the historic list of champions at the Connecticut oval.

    Let’s meet the five champions.  

    Different season, same result.

    Keith Rocco, a veteran Sunoco Modified racer at Thompson, earned his eighth track championship this year in the
    premiere NASCAR division. Rocco won four races, which tied Ronnie Williams for the most in the class. His title
    extends his lead as the driver with the most championships in Thompson’s history, and it also added him to another
    historic NASCAR list.
    Rocco tied Joe Kosiski for the most NASCAR Division I track titles in the Whelen All-American Series era (1982-
    present), with 17. He now has eight at Thompson, six at New London-Waterford Speedbowl, and three at Stafford
    Motor Speedway. He also finished fifth in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series national championship battle this
    "It’s awesome,” Rocco said. “We (Rocco and the Pane family, his car owners) work really well together, and we have a
    lot of fun... my whole team. It takes a lot to win all of these championships, and I can’t do it without them.”
    At Thompson, it’s the fourth straight Sunoco Modified title for the Wallingford, Connecticut, driver. He’s inside the top
    10 in the track all-time wins list, and his eighth track title continues to show his dominance over the difficult class.


    For the second time, William Wall is holding the championship in the Late Model division. But this one didn’t come
    without a bit of perseverance in the second half of the year. Wall started with three finishes inside the top two,
    including a win, but struggled a bit with speed going down the stretch.
    In the finale, Wall entered the 25-lap feature six points behind Woody Pitkat, but when Pitkat was collected in a crash,
    Wall took advantage – finishing sixth – enough to clinch the title by four points over Derek Gluchacki. It was the
    second title in the last four years for the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, native.
    “I just wanted to go out there and have fun,” Wall said. “I knew if I was going to win it, there was going to have to a
    lot of luck and my side, and that showed. I just can’t say enough about my team, they have been behind me 110
    percent, and if it wasn’t for them, I definitely wouldn’t be here.”
    Wall is a graduate of the Little T Speedway, just across the property from Thompson’s .625-mile NASCAR oval.


    Bryan Narducci left no doubt that he was going to be the SK Light Modified® champion at Thompson in 2019.
    Narducci, who had won all four races the division ran in 2018, was one of many happy to see the addition as a full-time
    class for this season.
    He took advantage of it.
    The Colchester, Connecticut, driver won seven times in the 10 events, including the finale, and won the title by 70
    points -- able to clinch the crown a race early. Between Thompson and Stafford Motor Speedway, Narducci won 15
    times. He was also able to earn his second NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Division III national championship,
    accruing enough points between the two tracks to best the entire country.
    “I came here just wanting to win the race, because clinching it during the last race, and I got wrecked, it wasn’t very
    satisfying, but this is,” Narducci said after winning at the Sunoco World Series. “It's pretty amazing. I can’t thank
    everybody on the crew enough for making it happen.”
    His plans for next year are not quite yet determined, but he would like to move up the racing ladder.


    In his second full-time season, Kyle Gero proved consistency would matter in the final Limited Sportsman
    championship tally. He didn’t have the luxury of carrying a checkered flag along the way, but eight top five finishes,
    including a fourth in the season-finale, was enough for him to break the two-straight titles from Shawn Monahan, who
    ended up second, just five points out.
    “This is absolutely amazing, I’m almost getting choked up here,” Gero said. “I wanted this so much for all of my guys.
    Everyone puts in so much effort and it’s an awesome feeling.”
    Gero’s experience might not have compared to some other competitors, but his drive to finish at the front, and get the
    most as he could out of his car, was enough to seal him a title trophy.


    Doug Curry used this year as one of redemption, and he ended up accomplishing his goal. After coming close to
    winning the Mini Stock title at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl last year, Curry transitioned to Thompson hoping
    to gain momentum and contend for a title. He found himself more than 30 points out with just a few races to go, but
    didn’t let that derail his efforts.
    “This is everything,” Curry said. “I can’t even explain what this means. I’ve wanted this. My Dad had a Mini Stock
    when I was a little kid and ever since then, I wanted to drive. When I started racing when I was 16, it was so rough.
    We struggled so bad, wrecked a lot of cars, and just couldn’t get it going.”
    This year, Curry proved to be the dominant car in the final stretch of the year. He won two of the final six races, but
    finished inside the top three in all but one of them. He left the finale up by seven points on a tie between Steve and
    Scott Michalski in the championship battle.

    Doug Coby Secures Sixth NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Title at Thompson; Rocco, Gerry & Curry Become NASCAR
    Champions For 2019

    THOMPSON, Conn. — Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park capped off its 2019 season with the third and final day of
    the 57th Annual Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing on Sunday, Oct. 13.

    Several champions were crowned, including in three Thompson NASCAR Whelen All-American Series divisions, but the
    main event brought the drivers of the Whelen Modified Tour front and center for one final time in 2019 for their season-
    ending Sunoco World Series 150.
    Two champions sought to claim the title in the main feature at a track where both had seen great success in the past.
    Five-time champion Doug Coby carried a 19-point lead over defending champion Justin Bonsignore and needed a
    fourteenth-place finish to guarantee himself another title regardless of what Bonsignore did. Bonsignore, on the other
    hand, knew that the only way he could control his own destiny was to win and hope that something went wrong for
    Bonsignore almost got his wish, as Coby suffered tire issues in the opening laps causing him to pit and be mired back
    in traffic. Coby worked his way methodically through the field, eventually entering the top ten by lap 115, while
    Bonsignore led most of the race and survived a late-race challenge from Ron Silk to claim is seventh Thompson win in
    the last eight races. With his top-ten finish, Coby wrapped up his sixth title, putting him second all-time behind the
    late Mike Stefanik.
    “This is really tough to do. It’s hard to win one championship and then it’s hard to win two and then to keep doing
    what these guys do with preparation, the shop and the dedication, the days away from the family, the work days to fly
    to places and drive to places. This isn’t easy to do. It’s a special feeling to win a race on this tour and to win a
    championship, let alone six,” Coby said. He later said he cherishes each win and each title as if it were his last victory.
    “Nothing is given in this sport. (This title) is well earned by my team, I’ll tell you that much.”
    Justin Bonsignore celebrated a victory, his series leading sixth of the season, but lamented on what could have been
    had they started the season with a better result right out of the gate. “We spotted them way too many points in the
    beginning of the year and they’re way to good of a team to give that big of a lead. I’m really proud of our effort,”
    Bonsignore said. “We didn’t get the championship, but we backed up eight wins last year with six wins this year, so I’
    m really proud of my whole team.”
    Ron Silk, Matt Swanson, Bobby Santos, III, and Woody Pitkat rounded out the top five. Coby finished seventh.
    A few more champions were crowned over the course of the day — the first of which was Keith Rocco, who had the
    Sunoco Modified title virtually wrapped up coming into the weekend carrying a 40-point lead over Woody Pitkat. Rocco
    earned four victories in search of his eighth Thompson track title, his fourth consecutive Sunoco Modified title and his
    seventeenth NASCAR Division I track championship all of which he wrapped up with a top ten finish in the
    “Four straight championships is just really awesome,” Rocco said after the race. “To win eight overall from 2007 to
    now is awesome. We’ve always been dominant here – every year we’re winning a championship whether it’s here or
    Stafford or Waterford, so to just be in championship contention every year at a different track says a lot for our team
    and the people that support me and let me drive their equipment.”
    Meanwhile, the battle for the win came down to Todd Owen and Mike Christopher after Ronnie Williams, who
    challenged for the lead early, found himself out of contention after a penalty sidelined him. Christopher nearly stole
    the victory with a bold move in the closing laps, but Owen would not be denied, capturing his elusive first win of the
    season in the Sunoco Modifieds.
    “It was a fun race,” Owen said. “(Mike Christopher) came from nowhere. I wasn’t expecting that. To come out of here
    with the win, I thank all my guys. It’s an awesome team with awesome people.”
    The Limited Sportsman division title came down to two-time defending champion Shawn Monahan and second-year
    competitor Kyle Gero. Despite amassing four wins in nine races Monahan found himself behind by 10 points due to
    Gero’s consistent season of top fives. Monahan did what he needed to do, making the race winning move with four
    laps to go to secure his fifth victory of the year. However, Gero continued his momentum, earning a fourth-place finish
    and his first Thompson Limited Sportsman title despite having a winless 2019.
    “We made some adjustments to the car today and it was junk to start with. It was a little tough the whole time. I
    knew I had to finish within four spots of Shawn and I’m seeing him picking off three and I’m only picking off one. It
    was a good battle,” Gero said. “I was counting positions the whole time and wishing the car was better – I’m glad it’s
    Monahan took defeat in stride, congratulating Gero while expressing no regrets in his final run of the season. “I came
    out today and knew we had two jobs, to win the race and put on a good show. That’s what I did today. I congratulate
    Kyle Gero. As much as I would like to be a champion three times in a row some things just didn’t go our way,”
    Monahan said.
    The Mini Stocks featured the closest points battle of the weekend at Thompson with Scott Michalski leading Doug
    Curry by only a single point while third-place Steve Michalski sat three points out for the championship. The title was
    Scott Michalski’s to lose and unfortunately his championship hopes ended when he was involved in an incident six laps
    in leaving Steve Michalski and Doug Curry to decide to title. Curry, who experienced his own issues early in the race
    with a flat tire, worked his way to the front and finished second, completing a Cinderella story comeback after
    overcoming a 30-point deficit in the last four races of the season.“That’s the story of my racing career right there. We
    never give up. We always dig and we never stop digging. We always fight no matter what the circumstances,” Curry
    said. “This is awesome. This is the best time of my life.” Tommy Silva went on to win the race while Curry’s closest
    competitor, Steve Michalski, finished in fourth.
    The International Supermodified Association capped off its 2019 season with a fifty-lap feature race where Mike
    Lichty locked up his second ISMA title and Jon McKennedy claimed his first career win at Thompson in any division.
    Ryan Locke was officially crowned the champion in the NEMA Lites while Randy Cabral took the feature win in the
    annual Shane Hammond Memorial Race.
    Ryan Bell won in the New Hampshire Short Track Racing Association Late Model Sportsman, while Alby Ovitt secured
    the win and title in the Street Stock Showdown Series. Those two events were run in unison with Bell and Ovitt
    crossing the line in a dead heat. The Exit Realty Truck Challenge crowned a winner in Gerard Giordano, Jr. and the
    North East Mini Stock Tour saw Matthew Kimball earn the final win of the 2019 at Thompson Speedway Motorsports

    NASCAR WHELEN MODIFIED TOUR SUNOCO WORLD SERIES 150 FINISH TOP-10: 1. Justin Bonsignore; 2. Ron Silk; 3.
    Matt Swanson; 4. Bobby Santos, III; 5. Woody Pitkat; 6. Eric Goodale; 7. Doug Coby; 8. Chase Dowling; 9. Rob
    Summers; 10. Timmy Solomito

    SUNOCO MODIFIEDS FEATURE FINISH TOP-10: 1. Todd Owen (Somers, CT); 2. Woody Pitkat (Bellingham, MA); 3. Mike
    Christopher, Jr. (Wolcott, CT); 4. Troy Talman (Oxford, MA); 5. Keith Rocco (Berlin, CT); 6. Steven Masse (Bellingham,
    MA); 7. Glen Reen (Belchertown, MA); 8. Nick Ladyga (Voluntown, CT); 9. Joey Gada (Salem, CT); 10. John Studley
    (Framingham, MA)

    LIMITED SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH TOP-10: 1. Shawn Monahan (Waterford, CT); 2. Ryan Morgan (Franklin, CT); 3.
    Cory Fanning (Mapleville, RI); 4. Kyle Gero (Baltic, CT); 5. Jesse Gleason (Lisbon, CT); 6. Jordan Hadley (Oakdale, CT);
    7. Jason Chicolas (Sutton, MA); 8. Brent Gleason (Griswold, CT); 9. Bo Norman (Clinton, CT); 10. Steve Kenneway
    (Lowell, MA)

    MINI STOCK FEATURE FINISH TOP-10: 1. Tommy Silva (Gales Ferry, CT); 2. Doug Curry (Norwich, CT); 3. Charles
    Canfield (East Haven, CT); 4. Steve Michalski (Brooklyn, CT); 5. Mark Panaronio (Ivoryton, CT); 6. Scott Michalski
    (Danielson, CT); 7. Joe Bavolacco (Stratford, CT); 8. Andrew Krzeminski; 9. Ian Brew (Woodriver Junction, RI); 10.
    Jared Roy (Gales Ferry, CT)

    ISMA FEATURE FINISH TOP-10: 1. Jon McKennedy (Chelmsford, MA); 2. Mike Ordway, Jr. (Windham, ME); 3. Ben Seitz
    (Bourne, MA); 4. Timmy Jedrzejek (Independence, OH); 5. Kyle Edwards (Bartlett, TN); 6. Mike Lichty  (Innerkip, ON);
    7. Michael Barnes (Mexico, NY); 8. Dave Schulick (N. Ridgeville, OH) 9. Dan Bowes (Epping, NH); 10. Mark Sammut
    (London, ON)

    NEMA LITES SHANE HAMMOND MEMORIAL RACE FINISH TOP-10: 1. Randy Cabral; 2. Anthony Marvuglio; 3. PJ
    Stergios; 4. Jake Trainer; 5. Kyle Valeri; 6. Ryan Locke; 7. Richie Coy; 8. Chris Vosey; 9. Jeff Champagne; 10. Danny
    Gamache, Jr

    STREET STOCK SHODOWN FEATURE TOP-10: 1. Ryan Bell; 2. Alby Ovitt; 3. Duane Provost; 4. Wayne Courcy; 5. Andrew
    Durand; 6. #8; 7. Chad Baxter; 8. Steve Landry; 9. Corey Fanning; 10. Jim Boyle

    EXIT REALTY PRO TRUCK SERIES FEATURE FINISH TOP-10: 1. Gerard Giordano, Jr.; 2. Andy Lindemin; 3. Jacob Perry;
    4. Mark Stewart; 5. Josh Stringer; 6. Lucas Leone; 7. Duane Noll; 8. Zack Robinson; 9. Dave Koenig; 10. Jason Ferreira

    NORTHEAST MINI STOCK TOUR FEATURE FINISH TOP-10: 1. Matthew Kimball; 2. Devin Guy; 3. Mike Viens; 4.
    Nicholas Anderson; 5. Joe Katula; 6. Desmond Skillings; 7. Nate Taylor; 8. Matt Boucher; 9. Roger Ducharme; 10.
    Charles Canfield

    William Wall Captures Second Late Model Title To Kick Off 57th Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing

    THOMPSON , Conn. -- Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park hosted a busy day of racing on Saturday, Oct. 12 to kick
    off the 57th Annual Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing, after Mother Nature rained out the first night of on-
    track action Friday. With a combined twenty divisions set to race over 48 hours, the Sunoco World Series promised
    plenty of highlights to close the season.
    The day started with the championship race for the Thompson Speedway NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late
    Model division, with a 25-lap feature deciding a three-way battle for the title. Leading the way coming into the
    weekend was Woody Pitkat — whose late season charge, including three wins in three months — helped him build a
    six-point advantage over 2016 champion William Wall and a 20-point lead over division newcomer Derek Gluchacki.
    The feature proved to be quite stressful for the championship contenders with 30 cars on track. While Gluchacki ran
    up front most of the race to challenge for his first win, Wall and Pitkat found themselves mired back in traffic hoping
    to earn solid finishes. Unfortunately, Pitkat was unable to escape unscathed during a restart five laps into the race as
    he was collected in a multi-car incident in turn three ending his race early -- leaving Wall and Gluchacki to decide the
    title. Gluchacki did everything he could, taking the lead and leading the most laps on route to his first win. However, a
    sixth-place finish was all Wall needed to secure his second title.
    “Once I saw (Pitkat crash) and he was parked for the afternoon I knew I had to get a top ten if Derek Gluchacki won
    it,” Wall said. “I remember my first championship in 2016 I had a little bit more of a cushion and coming into this one
    behind the eight-ball meant I really had to work for it.”
    The Late Model drivers of the American Canadian Tour took to the track later in the evening for the final race of their
    season. Rich Dubeau held an 81-point lead over second place Jimmy Hebert in a season that saw Dubeau score a
    series-high eight top fives and perfect string of top tens in the first nine events as well as two wins — tied for most on
    the season. While Dubeau couldn’t make it a perfect season of top ten finishes, ending the day in twelfth, he did
    secure his first championship in an ACT career that has been all about building to the next step of success one year at
    a time.
    “I’m just the driver. This is a total team effort. There’s no way I could go out and win a championship on my own. It
    takes a complete team,” said Dubeau. “It’s been progression. We were in tenth place in the points standings our first
    year. We went to seventh place, fifth place, then fourth and now we’re here. It doesn’t even seem real.”
    As for the race win, that went to Jonathan Bouvrette, who benefitted from a lap-one incident that impacted all of the
    top five starters. Their bad luck was Bouvrette’s gain as he survived the caution filled race to drive to a dominant win,
    his first ever in the American Canadian Tour.
    “It’s a monster track. This is a really cool place. It’s a pleasure for me to win my first ACT race here,” Bouverette
    said. “I was behind the wreck. It was a very fast car. That’s why we got the win today.”
    The Granite State Pro Stock Series took to the track for a 50-lap feature, their penultimate race of the 2019 season.
    Joey Doiron entered the event with a 55-point advantage over Ray Christian, III as he sought to wrap up a
    championship after finishing runner-up last season. Christian looked to be in perfect position to score maximum points
    on the day, leading more than half the race, however, after battling with Eddie McDonald for over ten laps and two
    restarts, Christian finally conceded the top spot 37 laps into the race allowing McDonald to drive away to the win.
    “(Ray Christian) was really quick. I was worried about him all day, but my guys did a great job,” MacDonald said. “I’ve
    always loved coming to Thompson so to get another win here is awesome.”
    The Valenti Modified Racing Series closed out their 2019 with Mike Willis Jr. entering the 50-lap World Series feature
    holding a 54-point advantage over Thompson Speedway regular Ronnie Williams for a championship. Williams let his
    experience at Thompson shine, starting up front and staying there for the duration of the race earning a dominant
    victory, his third of the year.
    “After finishing second in the spring this means a lot,” Williams said in Victory Lane referencing his second-place
    finish in the Thompson Icebreaker at the start of the year. “We had a fast race car all weekend. I’m confident in these
    guys and I think we showed in the end how much speed this car has.”
    Mike Willis, Jr. didn’t have the race he wanted after finishing outside the top twenty thanks to damage obtained from
    an on-track incident, but he was still able to hold on for the championship, his first in the Valenti Modified Racing
    Series. “The car was the best car I ever had here but then I got dive bombed and the car wasn’t handling good after
    that,” Willis said. “I thought we were going to get (the title) last year and it didn’t go our way. It was important for me
    to get this championship in a touring series.”
    The 2019 Thompson SK Light Modified® champion Bryan Narducci earned his seventh win of a dominant season on a
    last lap pass of Albert Ouelette. Narducci locked up the title in September after securing a 64-point lead over Wayne
    Burroughs, Jr. for the championship.

    The Northeastern Midget Association finished their 2019 season with the annual Shane Hammond Memorial Race,
    where Avery Stoehr followed in his father Russ Stoehr’s footsteps to become a NEMA Champion for the first time
    while Ben Seitz took home the feature win. Finally, the Pro-4 Modifieds finished off the night capping off their 50th
    season with a 22-lap feature won by Rob Riccardi.

    LATE MODEL FINISH TOP-10: 1. Derek Gluchacki (Dartmouth, MA); 2. Tom Carey, III (Warwick, RI); 3. Mark Jenison
    (Warwick, RI); 4. Joey Parker (Weymouth, MA); 5. Matt Lowinski-Loh (Milford, MA); 6. William Wall (Millbury, MA); 7.
    Tony Macrino (Waterford, CT); 8. Alexandre Tardif (Notre Dame des Pins, QC); 9. Brian Tagg (Oxford, MA); 10. Ryan
    Linehan (Hope Valley, RI)

    ACT LATE MODEL FEATURE FINISH TOP-10: 1. Jonathan Bouvrette (Blainville, QC); 2. Woody Pitkat (Bellingham, MA);
    3. Mark Jenison (Warwick, RI); 4. Ryan Kuhn (E. Bridgewater, MA); 5. Dylan Payea (Milton, VT); 6. Derek Glychaki
    (Dartmouth, MA); 7. John Donahue (Graniteville, CT); 8. Michael Mitchell (Cumberland, RI); 9. Ryan Morgan (North
    Franklin, CT); 10. Bryan Kruczek (Newmarket, NH)

    VALENTI MODIFIED RACING SERIES FINISH TOP-7: 1. Ronnie Williams (Ellington, CT); 2. Chase Dowling (Roxbury, CT);
    3. Craig Lutz (Miller Place, NY); 4. Todd Owen (Somers, CT); 5. Joey Cipriano (Waterbury, CT); 6. Donnie Lashua
    (Canaan, NH); 7. Cameron Sontag (Sterling, MA)

    GRANITE STATE PRO STOCK SERIES FINISH TOP-10: 1. Eddie MacDonald (Rowley, MA); 2. Ray Christian, III
    (Uncasville, CT); 3. Cory Casagrande (Stafford Springs, CT); 4. Ryan Kuhn (East Bridgewater, MA); 5. Reid Lanpher
    (Manchester, ME); 6. Jimmy Renfrow, Jr. (Candia, NH); 7. Josh King (Vernon, VT); 8. Devin O’Connell (Madison, CT); 9.
    Joey Doiron (Berwick, ME); 10. Tommy O’Sullivan (Springfield, MA)

    SK LIGHT MODIFIED® FINISH:  1. Bryan Narducci (Colchester, CT); 2. Albert Ouellette (Ellington, CT); 3. Alexander
    Pearl (Salem, CT); 4. Brian Sullivan (Tolland, CT); 5. Kyle Ellwood; 6. Noah Korner (Bloomfield, CT); 7. Jon Puleo
    (Branford, CT); 8. Wayne Burroughs, Jr. (Oakdale, CT); 9. Teddy Hodgdon (Danbury, CT); 10. Robert Bloxsom, III
    (Stratford, CT)



Open Wheel, Tri-Track ,Tour Mod, winner  Ronnie Williams   2019
    Tri-Track race #3 STAR  SBS 125
              Ron (silky smouth) Silk