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    Seekonk, MA: (June 27, 2018): The traditional Open Wheel Wednesday, unofficially turned Tri-Track Tuesday, saw Ron Silk of Norwalk, CT, claim the
    victory in Tri-Track Open Modified (TTOMS) Series competition and a cool $10,000 on the eve of Independence Day. The event, which began on Wednesday
    June 27, was halted after only 22 laps due to rain. Less than a week later, Silk was the class of the field scoring a popular victory aboard the Bob Horn
    owned #50. Matt Hirschman of Northampton, PA, came home second. Chase Dowling of Roxbury, CT, in relief of Rowan Pennink, who could not return for
    the conclusion of the race, finished third.
    Russ Hersey of Swanzey, NH, recovered from a three-lap deficit to finish fourth. Home track favorite, Todd Annarummo, from Swansea, MA, completed the
    top five.
    After two races of the four-race Tri-Track Series schedule, defending Series champion Matt Hirschman leads the point standings by a mere two points
    over Silk. The next race for the TTOMS is Saturday, July 28 at Star Speedway in Epping, NH.
    Richard Savary led every lap of a caution-filled start to Open Wheel Wednesday before a persistent rain claimed the race at 9:25pm. With a dismal weather
    forecast for the original rain date of Thursday, track officials set July 3 for the resumption of the race. While nearly a week later when racing resumed, it
    was much of the same in the early going for Savary.
    With the rain delay and the event tire rule, teams could pit during pace laps before the race officially went green. Hirschman, who would have lined up
    second for the restart, was among those to head pitside.
    When the event officially went green again, Savary took the point with Rocco and Silk duking it out for second. Silk was able to take the spot away on lap
    23. He immediately went to work on Savary for the lead. Dowling was making moves early; coming from scratch in the field.
    The first caution of the night flew on lap 31 for a stalled Ricky Collins. Hersey received the free pass. Hirschman, who was making little progress from
    deep in the field, pitted once again under the caution. Dowling also headed to the pits.
    Silk got alongside Savary on the outside groove on the ensuing restart. The two went wheel-to-wheel for several laps before Silk settled back in line in
    second. After a single lap, he dove low behind Savary and was able to steal the lead way on lap 35.  Silk was the new leader over Savary, Rocco, Woody
    Pitkat and Tommy Barrett in the top five.
    During the green flag run, Silk was able to get a bit of breathing room over Savary. Annarummo and Sammy Rameau were making headway taking
    positions away from Barrett.
    Silk had nearly a straightaway advantage over Savary as the halfway point of the event approached. Rocco ran in third followed by Pitkat, Annarummo,
    Rameau, Jon McKennedy, Barrett, Matt Galko and Dan Meservey, Jr. inside the top ten at crossed flags.
    The event’s ninth (second of the night) caution flew on lap 57 for a single-car spin by Dana DiMatteo. A number of contenders pitted during the caution
    period including Silk and Savary. Hersey once again received the free pass to join the remainder of the lead laps car for the ensuing restart.
    Pitkat, who had earlier taken a position from Rocco, inherited the lead for the restart. Rocco had his hands full with Annarummo and McKennedy.
    Annarummo took advantage of the bottom groove to battle his way into second. He immediately put pressure on Pitkat for the lead and was able to take
    over the top spot on lap 63.
    Rocco ran a few cars-lengths back as McKennedy struggled in the outside grove. After quick pit work and a fast race car, Silk was already back in the top-
    five by lap 65.
    Dowling continued his march to the front; taking second from Pitkat, who continued to backslide falling to fourth. Rocco faded to seventh. Early leader
    Savary would spend much of the second half of the race in an out of the pits.
    The third caution of the night came out for a spin by Meservey. For the lap 70 restart, Annarummo was lined up against Dowling. Silk was third beside
    McKennedy. Derek Ramstrom, Barrett, Hirschman, Colbey Fournier, Rameau and DiMatteo made up the remainder of the top -ten running order when the
    race went back to green.

    Tri-Track Open Modified Series, Seekonk Speedway, Open Wheel Wednesday, June 27/July 3 Official Finishing Order: 1. Ron Silk, Norwalk, CT; 2. Matt
    Hirschman, Northampton, PA; 3. Chase Dowling, Roxbury, CT; 4. Russ Hersey, N Swanzey, NH; 5.Todd Annarummo, Swansea, MA; 6. Sammy Rameau,
    Westminster, MA; 7. Jon McKennedy, Chelmsford, MA; 8. Woody Pitkat, Stafford Springs, CT; 9. Richard Savary, Canton, MA; 10. Dana DiMatteo,
    Farmington, CT; 11. Keith Rocco, Berlin, CT; 12. Matt Galko, Meriden, CT; 13. Tommy Barrett, Millis, MA; 14. Ron Frees, Brick Township, NJ; 15. Mike
    Willis, Jr., Grantham, NH; 16. Colbey Fournier, Berkley, MA; 17. Derek Ramstrom, Worcester, MA; 18. Dan Meservey, Jr., West Chatham, MA; 19.  Rob
    Murphy, Rochester, MA; 20. Carl Medeiros, Westport, MA; 21. Ricky Collins, Williams Grove, PA; 22. Ryan Preece, Berlin, CT; 23. Jon Kievman, Deerfield
    Beach, FL; 24. Steve Masse Bellingham, MA;25. Anthony Nocella, Woburn, MA; 26. Les Hinckley, Windsor Locks, CT; 27. Mike Holdrid

Matt Hirschman and Ron Silk came into the Tri Track Open Modified Series’ season-ender dead even for the points lead. The hundred-lap Haunted Hundred,
also Seekonk Speedway’s final racing event for 2018 would settle it once and for all, and as TTOMS’ announcer told the crowd:  “This is it.  No tie-breakers.  
They’re tied. Whoever comes in ahead of the other wins it.”
            Rocco shot off the pole, away from DiMatteo, with Chase Dowling on his coattails.  Pasteryak grabbed third and DiMatteo settled in at fourth.  
    Patnode held onto fifth as the leaders ran hot and hard in chase mode. It wasn’t until Les Hinckley got by Anthony Nocella to work on Patnode and finally
    slipped underneath and into fifth on lap 14.
               Rocco was leading Dowling by four lengths and Pasteryak was third.  DiMatteo was six cars back of Pasteryak with Hinckley on the hunt behind
    him.  Rocco pushed his lead to seven cars just before Hinckley went under and into fourth.  Pasteryak then ducked under Dowling and Hinckley followed
    him through. It was then that Fournier spun with multiple cars pitting for adjustments.
               Rocco sprinted away from Dowling on the restart, but two laps later, caution waved again.  Rocco bolted back to the lead but this time, Hinckley
    slipped under Dowling into second.  Matt
    Galko slowed suddenly down the backstretch and ran high brining another caution.
               They relined and Rocco was looking at Hinckley on his shoulder and Pasteryak in his rear-view mirror with DiMatteo alongside. Keith zoomed
    away and Pasteryak got under Hinckley, who decided to battle for the spot.  He nosed ahead in turn two, grabbed second in turn four and fastened
    onto Rocco’s bumper.
     Silk was up to twelfth, now.  On the restart, Dowling ran ahead and Hirschman followed under Hinckley.  He looked under the leader but was
    denied.  Swanson got under Rocco looking for fourth just before another caution. This put Dowling and Hirschman side-by-side at the front with
    Hinckley and Rocco behind them, just ahead of Swanson and Selsey.  Dowling squirted ahead by Hirschman let it loose and charged ahead out of turn
    two. Cowling dropped in ahead of Rocco with Hinckley fourth ahead of Swanson, who ducked underneath Keith to steal fourth.
               Silk began sliding forward as the field ran ten consecutive laps without caution.  On the lap 71 restart, he was now seventh.  It took three tries to
    get the lap 71 taken care of, and another spin called for a lap 72 caution.  Hirschman now had Swanson on the outside with Dowling and the returning
    Pasteryak behind him. Selsey and Nocella were row three – and Silk lurked low on the grid behind them.
               Hirschman reclaimed the lead and Swanson dropped into second.  Dowling was under Pasteryak.  But Silk was coming:  he got under Pasteryak
    into fourth on lap 77 and climbed onto
    Dowling’s bumper, then deprived him of third.  In the midst of battle, Hirschman gained a five car lead over Swanson, who led Silk by ten lengths.  Selsey
    and Dowling followed.  But with fifteen laps to go, the leads collapsed when Fournier spun.  Now Silk was restarting behind Hirschman in row two.
    Swanson and Selsey were the outside cars.
               Hirschman escaped Swanson in turn two and Silk drove under him into second as the leader took a five-car lead.  Swanson followed Silk.  Before
    much could happen, another caution halted things on lap 88.  Now Hirschman and Silk – tied for the championship in points, restarted side-by-side with 12
    circuits (4 miles) remaining.  After a false start, the brawled it out and it took Hirschman until turn four to grab the lead.  He led by two cars into lap 90
    as Pasteryak, Swanson and Dowling chased Silk.  With five to go, Hirschman was five up on Silk and things looked inevitable, but Pasteryak and Swanson
    tangled; Pasteryak made a save but Swanson sailed into the infield grass and a restart with two to go was on the  table. Hirschman and Silk lined up again.
               Hirschman pulled away once more and Pasteryak looked under Silk, but Ron shut the door.  Under the white flag, Hirschman pulled a two-car lead
    and they ran in order to the checkers with Hirschman taking all the marbles:  the Haunted Hundred and the Tri-Track Championship. Silk claimed second
    with Pasteryak third.  Dowling and Selsey rounded out the top five.  Sixth went to Hinckley, followed by Rob ie, Nocella, Patnode, Rocco and DiMatteo.

            Bullring Bash Modified Opener Now Auto-Qualifier for Open Wheel Wednesday

    Attleboro, Massachusetts (March 13, 2019) — The inaugural Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge event at N. Woodstock, NH’s White Mountain
    Motorsports Park (WMMP) on Sunday, June 16 now has another added incentive for Tour-type Modified racers around the region.

    Bullring Bash and Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOMS) officials announced today that the Battle of the Banks 125 will be an automatic qualifier for the
    $10,000-to-win Open Wheel Wednesday 100 at Massachusetts’ Seekonk Speedway on Wednesday, June 26. The overall winner of the three-segment
    Bullring Bash Modified event at WMMP will be eligible for a provisional starting spot at Seekonk should they make a competitive attempt to qualify.

    “The partners of Tri-Track are trying to bring back the spirit of cooperation between race series,” TTOMS managing partner Ed Bennett said. “Josh
    (Vanada) and I both want to get involved in trying to have similar events, rules, and things like that. An automatic qualifier adds some goodwill and lets us
    meet some different people, and by helping Josh out with this new series, we think it could at least attract a couple extra cars to his first race.”

    “Ed is a great asset to Tri-Track,” Bullring Bash founder Josh Vanada added. “He and I share a passion for high-quality Modified events. I’m grateful that
    they are partnering with us to offer a guaranteed starting position for one of the region’s premier Modified events. We look forward to working with Ed to
    continue to offer competitors some of the best Modified events in our area.”

    An Open Wheel Wednesday automatic qualifier bid is the latest addition to what is shaping up as one the biggest Modified events of the summer in New
    England. The Battle at the Banks winner was already slated to receive a guaranteed starting spot for the $12,500-to-win Race of Champions (RoC) 250 on
    Saturday, September 28 should they attempt to qualify for that event. Both auto-qualifiers come on top of at least $5,000 in purse and contingency money
    that will go the WMMP winner. By parlaying that victory into wins at the Tri-Track and RoC events, a driver could add at least $27,500 to their bank
    account this summer.

    The partnership also pairs the Bullring Bash with one of the more popular racing series and events in New England. Founded in 2014, the Tri-Track Open
    Modified Series has since grown beyond its three-event roots. Open Wheel Wednesday, which also includes the NEMA Midgets and NEMA Lites, is part of a
    six-event 2019 schedule at tracks throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. As an open series, Tri-Track allows any Tour-type Modified team
    to race provided their car is legal for another series or sanctioning body such as the Bullring Bash.

    “It’s really just about the racers,” Bennett said. “Every bit of sponsorship and purse goes to the racers. No one at Tri-Track is trying to profit. It’s just a
    nice, fun series.”

    The Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge will have additional announcements regarding registered teams, sponsors, officials, partnerships, and much
    more in the coming weeks. To keep up with the Bullring Bash, teams and fans can visit http://www.bullringbash.com. Fans can also stay connected on
    Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @BullringBashQMC. Those who want to learn more about the Tri-Track Open Modified Series can visit http://www.
    tritrackmods.com or follow them on Facebook and Twitter at @TriTrackMods. For more information on Open Wheel Wednesday, visit http://www.


    Seekonk speedway tri-track,open wheel, winner Ron Silk
    Haunted 100 and Tri-Track,open wheel tour type mods CHAMP!
                        MATT HIRSCHMAN

    By Kyle Souza, Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

    THOMPSON, Conn. – Defending NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Justin Bonsignore clearly has mastered
    Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.

    The Holtsvile, New York, driver picked up his fifth straight Thompson win at the Icebreaker on April 7 – becoming the
    first driver in the history of Whelen Modified Tour action at the .625-mile oval to win five consecutive events. With 10
    career Thompson wins, Bonsignore leads all active drivers on the high-banked oval.

    “We’ve always had great race cars no matter what, along with great teams and pit crews,” Bonsignore said. “A few of
    the races, the pit crew won the race for us. Really since 2014, I’ve had a lot of success there. The biggest thing is
    having the really good cars and crew chiefs that make really good decisions. You need the racing luck to go along with
    it, and everything seems to come together for me.”

    Bonsignore, a driver who grew up racing at Riverhead Raceway in New York, has found a knack for the high-banks of
    Thompson, a completely opposite style compared to Riverhead. Why he has been able to find so much success?

    “A lot of people ask me that and I can’t really say what the answer is,” Bonsignore said. “But I feel really comfortable
    there, it’s like going home to Riverhead -- I have the same feeling when we unload. I know what I need on the first lap of
    practice and I know what I need for the race.”

    His quest to capture a sixth consecutive victory certainly isn’t going to be easy. Bonsignore will have to fend off the
    challenges of names like Doug Coby, Woody Pitkat, Ron Silk, Matt Swanson and many more. Monster Energy NASCAR
    Cup Series star Ryan Preece will also join the event to compete in the No. 6 car for Ed Partridge.

    With just one practice for the day due to the packed schedule, Bonsignore knows unloading off the truck well is going to
    be crucial.

    “We’ve put an emphasis on coming off the truck better than we ever have. It’s really important practice because you
    want to be in that last group in qualifying and pick the right pit stall. You want to have good notes and good feedback
    because you are only going to get out there a few times in practice,” Bonsignore said. “Just a little bit of fine-tuning
    here and there, and Ryan Stone does a really good job of getting us there off the truck.”

    Stone has been a major player in Bonsignore’s success over the last year and a half. After moving from a job at JR
    Motorsports, Stone helped Bonsignore win eight of the 16 Whelen Modified Tour races last year en route to his first

    “Everywhere we go with Ryan setting up the cars, we’ve been unbelievably fast. Rob Fuller and everyone at LFR have
    developed a really great car and Ryan has been with LFR since day one, and has a really great understanding of the cars.
    It’s the time and the effort he puts into the setups,” Bonsignore said. “The people working on these cars are smart.”

    When Bonsignore won his fifth straight race at the Icebreaker, the emotion poured from the veteran when he climbed
    out of the car and stood on the nerf-bar screaming ‘five in a row!’ for the fans to hear.

    “We got off to a little bit of a struggle with a bad race at Myrtle Beach and got caught in a crash at South Boston, so we
    were a little bit behind and we knew we were looking to turn it around at Thompson,” Bonsignore said, recalling why
    there was so much emotion. “From Thompson’s World Series last year until the Icebreaker all we heard was that we had
    won four in a row and we were looking for five. We did think about it and how much of an amazing accomplishment it
    was. I thought about it when people said Richie Evans or Mike Stefanik hadn’t even done it on the Tour. Everything put
    together, I just let loose in Victory Lane.”

    Just under two weeks before the return to Whelen Modified Tour action at Thompson, Bonsignore certainly is thinking
    about the streak. In NASCAR Whelen All-American Series competition, Bryan Narducci has won six consecutive SK Light
    Modified® races entering this Wednesday special event as well. Both streaks will be on the line come June 14th.

    “People talk about it and it’ll be something where I am going there with intentions of winning the race. Having a shot at
    six in a row is really special, but we also know that in racing, you aren’t going to win 10 or 20 races in a row,”
    Bonsignore said. “We have to be prepared for the streak to be over at some point. But I go to the race track thinking
    that everyone needs to come there to beat us.”

    “Every single time we go to Thompson there are packed stands. The fans in that area seem to accommodate with any
    night we race.”

    Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park returns to action on Wednesday, June 5, as the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
    headlines the night with the annual Thompson 125. Grandstands will open for the night at 3:30 p.m., while qualifying
    heat racing is scheduled to get underway at 5:05 p.m. with the Sunoco Modifieds.

    Fans will be able to watch all five Whelen All-American Series divisions compete in both qualifying and feature action,
    along with group qualifying for the Whelen Modified Tour, and the Thompson 125. Fans should note that the SK Light
    Modifieds® will run their 20-lap feature at the conclusion of the Whelen Modified Tour race.

    A paddock pass for the night is $55, while fans can enter the grandstands for $50. Any seniors (65+), veteran, or active
    military members can enter at $45 with the proper identification. Kids 12 and under will be free. Any fans wishing to
    camp on the grounds of Thompson Speedway for the night can do so for $25, but campers must be removed from the
    property early Thursday.

    If for some reason inclement weather delays the event, Thursday, June 6, is the rain date.

    For more information on Thomspon Speedway Motorsports Park, fans are encouraged to visit www.thompsonspeedway.
    comand follow the track on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


    Monahan Earns First Win for Swaggin' Wagon in Limited Sportsman Long Distance Race

    Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park hosted its second weekend of oval racing in 2019 with the annual Limited
    Sportsman Long Distance race and military night presented by Pepsi. The afternoon included five feature events
    comprising of all of Thompson’s local divisions as well as ceremonies to honor local veterans with members of the
    military past and present admitted for free to enjoy the races.
    The afternoon started with the 4th Annual Limited Sportsman Long Distance feature, a 30-lap race, ten laps more than a
    normal Limited Sportsman event, that serves as the crown jewel of the division’s season at Thompson. The race proved
    to be eventful with ten cautions waving and a familiar name finding his way to the front. Defending champion Shawn
    Monahan took the #55 “Swaggin’ Wagon” to victory lane after debuting the station wagon-themed vehicle at the
    Icebreaker in April. Monahan benefitted from the race being changed to single-file restarts which allowed him to get
    some breathing room as Icebreaker winner Ryan Waterman tried to hunt him down. Monahan survived one final restart
    and a three-lap shootout to take home the trophy
    “The division is pretty stout. It’s unfortunate how the race went today. A little on the boring side, but it was close for
    the first few laps,” Monahan said after the race. The reigning champion said he was proud to give the fans a show all
    the same and park his new car in victory lane. “We knew I could have kept the car just the way it was in that final race
    at the World Series and shown back up and ran well, but I’ve always been one to do something different. Really I wanted
    the fans to have something to cheer for. I think that the competitors maybe dislike it enough to make sure they put
    their own tire marks on the side of it which is all good. If I can finish the race I’ll take all the tire marks they can give
    me. To win you’ve got to finish.”
    The Late Models experienced some drama earlier in evening to start off the racing action. Before the division’s 40-lap
    feature even took the green flag Tom Carey, III, who earned the first victory of the season in the Icebreaker and finished
    in the runner-up spot in points last year, crashed out of his heat race and thus was not featured in the main event. Carey
    was a favorite coming into the season and his absence made the feature a prime opportunity for other drivers to
    establish themselves as the frontrunners for the title in 2019.
    Ryan Morgan and Woody Pitkat established themselves at the class of the field during the race with Morgan taking the
    early lead and Pitkat making the pass for the top spot several laps later. Pitkat held the lead until a restart on lap 24
    when Morgan was able to wrestle away the top spot after a full lap of side-by-side racing between the leaders. Another
    restart on lap 12 set up another battle between Morgan and Pitkat with Morgan getting the jump. However, a third name
    worked his way into the mix as William Wall passed Pitkat for second and set his sights on the lead. The battle led to an
    epic finish as Wall made a dive bomb move for the lead on the final turns of the last lap racing side by side with Morgan
    in a photo finish. Morgan was awarded the win after scoring ruled he hit the line first with a difference of .002 seconds
    separating him from Wall.
    “I think that’s the closest one so far in all of my racing days. I thought (Wall) got me to be honest. We were banging
    doors and everything,” Morgan said after the race. “It is what it is. We were just a little free up top. Will is a hard
    charger and I knew it was coming, but I was able to hold him off and that’s all we can ask for.”
    The Mini Stocks were next with a 15-lap feature and Icebreaker winner Steve Michalski looking to establish himself as
    the early title favorite. The battle for the win came down to Michalski and Jared Roy with Roy having the edge for the
    bulk of the event. Roy was able to hold on for the win in a dominating effort while Michalski took second place. The win
    was Roy’s first  in any division at Thompson in his third season of racing at the Big-T.
    “I saw (Michalski) creeping up a couple times and I just kept my composure, hit my marks and acted like he wasn’t
    there. I saw him there with five to go and I told myself to take a deep breath and keep doing what I was doing,” Roy
    said after the race. “It took me from two years ago at the Icebreaker until now to win. I held second in points all year
    last year until the last race. Hopefully we get a championship this year.”
    In the SK Light Modifieds® Bryan Narducci was looking to continue his unprecedented consistency seeking his sixth win
    in the division’s 20-lap feature. Narducci started mid-pack in his attempt to remain perfect in the division at Thompson
    Speedway Motorsports Park and had to work his way to the front eventually taking second place before a caution at the
    halfway point tightened up the field and set up a showdown between Narducci and Steven Chapman. The battle was
    short-lived as Chapman suffered equipment failure at the drop of the green giving Narducci the lead which he never
    relinquished. The win keeps Narducci perfect in his Thompson campaign in the SK Light Modifieds® with six wins in six
    “I knew I had something for (Chapman) but it’s tough to pass here. It would have taken me a couple laps to work him
    over. Luckily, we had the caution so we didn’t have to worry about it,” Narducci said after the win. He said the victory
    was even sweeter as it helped him silence his critics who felt he couldn’t win from the middle of the pack. “I’ve heard a
    lot of slack because every time I’ve raced here I’ve started in the top three and they say I only win because I have a fast
    car and I’m out front – We started tenth in the feature and we won so I guess it will quiet the haters so that makes it
    Ending the night were the Sunoco Modifieds with a 30-lap feature littered with wrecks that took several big names out
    of contention. Troy Talman, Woody Pitkat, Joey and Adam Gada, and Todd Owen who was forced to a backup car prior
    to the race were all involved in incidents before the halfway point of the race. All the while Ronnie Williams fended off
    challenger after challenger to hold on to the lead and it all came down to the closing laps as Keith Rocco, who
    recovered from a penalty that sent him to the rear of the field for the final restart, stole the top spot. Williams would
    not be denied, pushing Rocco up the track in turns three and four on the final corner edging Rocco in a drag race to the
    line. Williams’ margin of victory was .03 seconds capping on an eventful day of racing at Thompson.

    Up next for Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park is a slew of racing events in the month of June and it all stars on
    Wednesday, June 5 with the Thompson 125, the second appearance of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour in 2019. All
    five of Thompson’s track divisions will also continue their seasons as the race towards championship glory continues.


    Waterman (Danielson, CT); 3. Larry Barnett (Moosup, CT); 4. Jesse Gleason (Lisbon, CT); 5. Jason Chicolas; 6. Zachary
    Robinson (Putnam, CT); 7. Corey Fanning (Mapleville, RI); 8. Kevin Mason; 9. Randy Waterman, Jr. (Danielson, CT); 10.
    Ryan Morgan (Franklin, CT)

    LATE MODEL FEATURE FINISH TOP-10: 1. Ryan Morgan (Franklin, CT); 2. William Wall (Millbury, MA); 3. Derek Gluchacki
    (Dartmouth, MA); 4. Woody Pitkat (Bellingham, CT); 5. Nick Johnson (Rehoboth, MA); 6. Mark Jenison (Warwick, RI); 7.
    Brian Tagg (Oxford, MA); 8. Rick Gentes (Harrisville, RI); 9. Jared Materas (Westfield, MA); 10. Jason Palmer (Berlin, CT)

    MINI STOCK FEATURE FINISH TOP-10: 1. Jared Roy (Sterling, CT); 2. Steve Michalski (Brooklyn, CT);  3. Doug Curry
    (Norwich, CT); 4. Evan Bourgeois (East Haddam, CT); 5. Scott Michalski (Killingly, CT); 6. Charles Canfield (East Haven,
    CT) ; 7. Dave Trudeau, Jr. (Mansfield, CT); 8. JT Suprenant (Central Village, CT); 9. Glynn Roy (Sterling, CT); 10. Ian
    Brew (Woodriver Junction, RI)

    SK LIGHT MODIFIEDS® FEATURE FINISH TOP-10: 1. Bryan Narducci (Colchester, CT); 2. Noah Korner (Canton, CT); 3.
    Mikey Flynn (Hampden, MA); 4. Ethan Durocher (Canterbury, CT); 5. Chris Correll (New London,CT); 6. Andrew Lee (New
    York, NY); 7. John O’ Sullivan (Salem, CT); 8. Keith Caruso (Millbury, MA); 9. Albert Ouellette (Ellington, CT); 10. Nathan
    Pytko (Douglas, MA)

    SUCONO MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH TOP-10: 1. Ronnie Williams (Ellington, CT); 2. Keith Rocco (Berlin, CT); 3. Timmy
    Jordan (Plainfield, CT); 4. Corey Barry (Plainfield, CT); 5. Justin Albernaz; 6. Zachary Leone (Shrewsbury, MA); 7. John
    Berchum (W. Greenwich, RI); 8. Paul LaPlante (North Attleboro, MA); 9. Mike Christopher, Jr. (Wolcott, CT); 10. Jason
    Sundeen  (Douglas, MA)




    By Kyle Souza, Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

    THOMPSON, Conn. – Race fans won’t want to miss the second NASCAR raceday of the season this Sunday at Thompson
    Speedway Motorsports Park.
    Two extra distance NASCAR Whelen All-American Series races, three additional battles under the NASCAR banner, the
    first competitive drifting in New England with Lock City Drift and a full day of honoring the Military are just some of the
    headlines for a jammed Sunday of racing action.

    On the NASCAR side, the Fourth Annual Limited Sportsman Extra Distance event headlines the afternoon, as drivers in
    the Division III class showcase their talent for 30 laps. Last year, it was Ryan Waterman, who won this year’s opener at
    the Icebreaker, who captured the checkered flag in the special event.  In a division that is always known for three-wide,
    heart-pounding action throughout the entire field, adding 10 laps to the distance has been successful over the last three
    years, and has given drivers a little bit of an extra chance to get the job done.
    Waterman leads the early championship standings in the division in chase for his second title, while Brent Gleason and
    Corey Fanning are just a few markers behind following their strong run at the opener. Defending champion Shawn
    Monahan looks to get back on track with his new ‘Swaggin Wagon’ after a run at the Icebreaker that didn’t quite live up
    to his standards.

    The Late Models also take center stage, with a 40 lap extra distance show of their own planned for Sunday. With 15
    extra laps on the track, Late Models drivers will set their chase towards Tom Carey III, who dominated the opener and
    is seeking his first title this year. But, former champions William Wall and Woody Pitkat aren’t far behind, along with
    names like Mark Jenison and veteran Rick Gentes.
    Lock City Drift’s partnership with Thompson Speedway takes another step towards the future on Sunday with the first
    competitive drifting in all of New England taking place as part of this Sunday special. Through the Street Series, Lock
    City will give fans the chance to see drivers showcase their talent on the edge of control. Judges will select the
    winners at the end of each round, and overall winners will be crowned.
    “Lock City Drift is excited to be welcomed into the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series family of fans this Sunday at
    Thompson,” Michael Lynch, the Director of Lock City Drift, said. “We will be showcasing our first Street Series
    competition right in conjunction with the oval track. With drifting becoming an ever-growing motorsport, it is humbling
    for us to have our event happening at the same time as the NASCAR racing. We hope you come out and enjoy the
    smoking of rubber.”

    In the Sunoco Modifieds, Keith Rocco has won five of eight races dating back to last year and is showing no signs of
    slowing down. Rocco has the early advantage over the rest of the field following his win at the Icebreaker, but some of
    the top Modified talent in New England is right on his heels looking to slow him down. Former division champion Woody
    Pitkat has a new ride this season, while Todd Owen is looking to finally break into championship glory.
    A streak is on the line in the SK Light Modifieds®, as Bryan Narducci looks to grab his sixth win in a row in a
    competitive class. Narducci will have to start in the middle of the pack, though, which could create some fireworks for
    the fans as the Connecticut rising star looks to make his way back to the front of the field. Thompson added this
    division to the weekly NASCAR slate in 2019, and if the opener is any indication, the support from drivers is a sign that
    this division will be one of the best for years to come.
    In the Mini Stocks, veteran Steve Michalski opened his season with a victory at the Icebreaker, but there are multiple
    staple drivers in the Division V class looking to slow him down this weekend. Ian Brew comes into the event second in
    the early standings, while the Trudeau family is sitting in third with David Trudeau Jr. trying to chase down the two

    Practice for NASCAR Whelen All-American Series divisions begins at 12:30 p.m., with qualifying heat racing set to roll at
    2 p.m. The feature events for the second race of the season will immediately follow qualifying.

    Lock City Drift’s events are included inside the schedule for the day. The full schedule of events, with times for the
    opening of the pit area and general admission gates, is available at www.thompsonspeedway.com.

    As mentioned, any active military and veterans will be admitted for general admission free of charge. Fans can purchase
    a ticket at the front gate for just $18, while those 65+ can purchase for $16, and Kids 12 and under are free. A paddock
    pass for race teams and any fans that wish to get a close view of the cars and stars of Thompson is $35.

    Race fans and teams are encouraged to visit the website for more information, and also follow the track on social
    media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


    Media Contact: bullringbashmedia@gmail.com
    Taylor Pelletier joins Bullring Bash


    The Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge presented by RaceChoice is pleased to announce the addition of Taylor
    Pelletier to the staff as the Senior Director of Racing Operations.
    Pelletier will be involved in organizing all three Bullring Bash all-star events, including administration, handicapping,
    marketing, and race team support. Pelletier has spent the last two-and-a-half years as the event manager at Thompson
    Speedway Motorsports Park, working under Bullring Bash founder Josh Vanada. She has also spent time working at
    Seekonk Speedway, where she previously drove in the Sport4 and Sport Truck divisions.

    “When Josh came to me regarding this position, there was no other answer besides yes,” Pelletier said. “I am excited
    and honored to be able to work with such a talented and loyal group of people that I have come to call friends. We all
    share a passion for creating a positive experience for our competitors and producing a great show for the fans.”

    “Legends and Modifieds are thrilling to watch at short tracks and I firmly believe with the roster that we already have
    started paired with the unique race layout established, the fans will be in for a treat!”
    Vanada was thrilled the opportunity to bring Pelletier aboard arose.
    "Taylor and I have had the privilege of working closely together for the past several years,” said Canada. “During that
    time, I've come to appreciate her innovative style, relentless work ethic, and commitment to excellence. She's a
    perfect fit for what we are doing with the Bullring Bash, and I'm so grateful to have her on our team!"

    The Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge, presented by RaceChoice.com will have additional announcements regarding
    registered teams, sponsors, officials, partnerships, and much more in the coming weeks. To keep up with the Bullring
    Bash, teams and fans can visit http://www.bullringbash.com. Fans can also stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, and
    Instagram at @BullringBashQMC.


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