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    Ronnie Williams came on late to spoil a great shot by Boehler Racing’s Matt Swanson on lap 81. Williams had started twelfth and edged his way through the
    crowd. Swanson, meanwhile, had spoiled Ron Silk’s bid for another win in the event, by stealing the lead midway through the race, which Silk had led since lap
    15. Williams collected the big check and Tommy Barrett sneaked past Swanson for second three laps after Williams had gotten by. Five laps later, the finish was
    Williams, Barrett and Swanson for the podium. Matt Hirschman grabbed fourth and Todd Patnode rounded out the top five.

    Woody Pitkat and Todd Kochenash led the field down to the green flag. Swanson was outside Anthony Sesely in row two while Silk and Patnode backed them up.

    Pitkat and Kochenash were door-to-door out of the box and Pitkat gained an edge. Kochenash grabbed second with Sesely third. Swanson was fourth with Silk at
    his back. Sesely attempted to get under Kochenash but was held off. Silk then ducked under Sesely into third and ran to Kochenash’s bumper. Ten laps in, it was
    four cars at the front running bumper-to-bumper: Pitkat, Kochenash, Silk and Sesely. Silk then ducked under Kochenash into second. The field, running single file,
    filled most of the third-mile oval.

    Silk got by Pitkat for the lead on lap fifteen but the latter pursued relentlessly. The field settled in for some hard running, nose-to-tail in many places. Andrew
    Charron became the first lapped car on lap 29 and four more loomed ahead. Silk and Pitkat motored through them.

    Geoff Rollins brought out the first caution on lap 31 coming loose in turn two and running into the grass at mid-track.

    Silk and Pitkat lined up and Silk nosed into the lead on the green. Pitkat settled in with Sesely behind him followed by Patnode. Rob Murphy had been working on
    Patnode and broke into fourth on lap 34. Hirschman now put in an appearance in the top five by getting past Patnode, as well as Keith Rocco.

    Silk went to work and had a four-car lead on lap 40. Behind him, Pitkat was three up on Sesely and it was another three back to Hirschman who had moved
    Murphy back. Rocco had also passed Murphy, who followed with Swanson surging up behind him. Swanson took his position on lap 42 with an underneath move.
    Carl Medeiros then slide off the front stretch to the infield bringing a lap 43 restart. He retired to the pits.

    The grid still featured Silk, Pitkat and Sesely as the top three, but Hirschman sat on Sesely’s shoulder. Rocco and Swanson made up Row 3. Russ Hersey and
    Murphy backed them up. It was door-to-door out of the box with Silk again taking the lead coming out of turn two. But Charron spun, bringing a second restart.
    This time, Silk grabbed the front immediately.

    Hirschman got under Sesely into third and began working on Pitkat. In the meantime, Swanson moved into fifth on lap 46. He looked under Sesely but the latter
    slammed the door.

    The fi eld ran single-file through the race’s midpoint. Sesely, Swanson and Rocco followed the leaders, chased by Russ Hersey and Rob Murphy.

    Caution flew on lap 53 with Kirk Alexander and Dana DiMatteo against the wall. Alexander pulled away, but DiMatteo was off on the hook. Alexander made
    another lap but then ended his evening. Many cars ran to the pits for tires and adjustments. The entire top 40 made the move and this elevated Swanson to the

    On the restart, Rob Murphy accompanied him to the front row. Rocco and Kochenash were the second tier, ahead of Calvin Carroll and Brian Robie. Out of the
    box. Swanson took a nose on Murphy. They ran a lap side-by-side before Swanson grabbed the lead the next time through turn two. Murphy dropped in ahead of
    Kochenash and Andy Jankowiak as the field again was quickly single file.

    Over the next eight laps, Swanson generated a four-car advantage over Murphy and Kochenash. But now Williams was on his way up and got under Sesely and
    into fifth place. Barrett was now on Carroll’s bumper and looking to grab sixth place. He got by with thrity laps to go.

    At the three-quarters point, Swanson was still up on Murphy. Kochenash was third, ahead of Jankowiak but Murphy was shortening the distance as was
    Kochenash, who went by Murphy into second.

    But Silk, running deep in the pack after the tire stop, suddenly spun and caution flew.

    Williams was in the top five, now, and went past Murphy. Another lap and he was past Kochenash into second.

    With 20 laps remaining, Swanson was nursing a four-car lead on him. But Silk, running deep in the pack after the tire stop, suddenly spun and caution flew.
    Swanson pulled away, but after five hard laps, Brian Robie’s motor died on the front stretch and they lined up again.

    Kochenash and Murphy backed up Swanson and Williams, while Barrett was restarting fifth. Patnode and Hirschman rounded out the top ten for the green. They
    ran door-to-door as Kochenash looked underneath but was rebuffed. Swanson edged into the lead with Williams all over his bumper. He looked underneath and
    went. As they battled, and the count clicked down to ten to go, caution flew once more, and for the last time.

    Swanson and Williams lined up. Swanson nosed out, then took the lead, but Williams dropped under and came on hard. They were door-to-door and then Williams
    grabbed the front on the backstretch. Swanson attempted to drop under, but the door was closed. Barrett moved in behind them with Kochenash now third.
    Hirschman was barging into fifth.

    Barrett got under Swanson and into second with four laps to go. Kochenash was trying to fend of Hirschmann, but the latter prevailed to move into fourth
    sending Carroll back to fifth. As the leaders streaked toward the finish, Patnode and Pitkat pushed forward into fifth and sixth to complete the race.

    Seventh on the evening went to Kochenash, followed by Carroll, Silk, John Kievman, Murphy and Sesely.


    Seekonk speedway tri-track,open wheel, winner Ron Silk
    Haunted 100 and Tri-Track,open wheel tour type mods CHAMP!
                        MATT HIRSCHMAN
    Meghan Fuller Off To Strong Start in Title Quest at Thompson
    By Kyle Souza, Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

    THOMPSON, Conn. -- Meghan Fuller is seeking her first career Limited Sportsman victory at Thompson Speedway
    Motorsports Park this season.

    The Auburn, Massachusetts, driver was the Rookie of the Year in the division back in 2017 and finished ninth in the
    championship standings last year. In her first four starts of 2019, Fuller has three top-fives, and is inching closer to
    capturing her first checkered flag. She’s shown the speed to get the job done.

    “The car has been a lot better this year, we made some big changes and the car has felt great. We’ve been doing well
    and have been able to get some good finishes,” Fuller said. “The competition at Thompson is definitely pretty tough
    because there are a bunch of great drivers to race against. It’s definitely a challenge.”

    A victory isn’t the only thing Fuller is chasing. She also has her eyes set on the division championship at Thompson,
    the Street Stock championship at Stafford Motor Speedway, and two national crowns.  
    As of the national standings on July 8, Fuller was third in the division V chase with her 10 starts at Stafford, and she
    is leading the UNOH Youth Achievement Award standings, which combines her starts at Thompson and Stafford.

    “It’s definitely pretty amazing to be that high up there in the Division V national points,” Fuller said. “It’s in the back
    of my mind during the race, but I just try to run my own race and take my time getting through the field. I had talked
    to a few friends that race at different tracks and they aren’t as high up in the UNOH points, and they thought it was
    amazing that I was able to be that high up.”
    With her strong runs early at Thompson, Fuller is second in the track standings, just points behind Zachary Robinson.

    “If I’m being honest, I wasn’t even paying attention to the points at Thompson because I had struggled a little bit the
    last few years,” Fuller said. “My dad told me that I was second and I thought he was joking, but when I checked, he
    was right. It’s cool that I am that high in the points. Now that the car feels good, I’m in a good position.”

    Fuller runs the full schedules at both Thompson and Stafford. With Stafford running each week on Friday, and
    Thompson running 10 events this season, up from seven last year, it’s been busy for the entire race team. They are
    running two separate cars at each track, but still must make sure everything is prepared for battle.
    “I’m used to racing every Friday at Stafford, and I’m consistent over there, but with the breaks in the schedule at
    Thompson, you have to go back out there and get back to where you were and it can be a bit of a shock getting back
    out there and remembering everything I had done before to do well,” Fuller said. “It’s definitely a little bithallenging.”
    Even though all four of the championships are on her mind, Fuller is hoping July 28 marks her first Limited Sportsman
    win at Thompson.
    “I definitely hope so, I really want to get a win this year,” Fuller said. “I’ve been waiting for three years to get a win
    at Thompson. My dad and my uncle have been working hard on the car to get it to be fast and I feel like they are doing
    an amazing job with it. We’re definitely right there.”
    Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park returns to NASCAR Whelen All-American Series action on Sunday, July 28,
    with all five divisions scheduled to compete. Lock City Drift will also compete in the third round of their Streeties.
    For more information on Thompson Speedway, fans are encouraged to visit www.thompsonspeedway.com, and follow
    the track on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Sunday night brought the Ollie’s All Star Circuit of Champions back to Lebanon Valley for their fourth appearance on
    the high banks.  There was plenty of action to go around.

    By virtue of winning the Dash, Brock Zearfoss started from the pole and managed to open up a decent gap almost
    immediately.  It did take long for trouble to break out in turn 1.  Lucas Wolfe was sent into a wild series of flips in a
    crash also involving Tony Stewart, Paul McMahan and Darren Schott.  Wolfe was ok, but his car was toast.  His fuel
    tank was actually stuck on top of the wall briefly.  Stewart and McMahan would continue after repairs, while Schott
    was done for the evening.  
    Once the green came back out, Zearfoss was able to open up a nice gap on the rest of the field.  Further back, Aaron
    Reutzel hade moved up to third and briefly challenged Davie Franek for second.
    After a couple of laps of battling, Franek was able to open up some space between himself and Reutzel.  That resulted
    in Reutzel falling into the clutches of Justin Peck, who had been very quick on the evening.  As the leaders
    approached the rear of the field, the action for the lead and second began to close up again.  
    It appeared that a fierce battle was on tap, but Reutzel hit the wall in turn 4 and rolled his car.  Peck had nowhere to
    go and got himself involved as well.  This crash brought out the second red flag of the feature, but both drivers were
    ok.  While Reutzel took an ATV ride back to his hauler, Peck was able to drive back to the pits after a push start.  
    However, the damage was too great to continue.
    Once the green came out, Zearfoss said adios to the field and pulled away over the final 10 laps to take his first
    career victory at Lebanon Valley.
    That said, things weren’t all great for Zearfoss.  His team had to make an engine change after his heat race.  He
    described the situation as the team hoping to get through Sunday night on their engine before swapping it out.  
    Unfortunately, he felt the engine struggling towards the end of his heat.  The new powerplant worked out just fine.

    “The car was perfect all night,” Zearfoss said after the race.  “There’s something about this place; I kinda like it.  [In
    regards to the engine], we didn’t want to take any chances tonight. The guys changed the motor flawlessly and the
    car was good all night.”
    Franek finished second, 2.938 seconds behind Zearfoss.  2017 winner Danny Dietrich was third.  Defending race
    winner Gerard McIntyre took advantage of the trouble around him to finish fourth and earn the Hard Charger award,
    while Corey Eliason was fifth.  Stewart came back from the rear after his early incident to finish sixth despite visible
    wing damage, while McMahan was ninth.
    In the Small Block Modified feature, Frank Harper claimed the pole by virtue of winning the first heat race.  Once the
    green came out, Harper was able to open up a small gap over the rest of the field.  Meanwhile, J.R. Heffner started
    fourth and almost immediately got himself up to second.
    Brian Sandstedt hit the wall in turn 3 to bring out the first yellow of the race on lap 4 to close the pack up.  On the
    restart, Heffner was able to take advantage of a less-than satisfactory restart from Harper to snatch away the
    Harper did get a couple of more tries to get it right.  A lap after the restart, Ryan Charland and Brandon Lane crashed
    in turn 3 to bring out another yellow.  On the restart from that incident, a stack-up occurred exiting turn 2 that
    wrapped up Guy Sheldon, Steve Hough and Mark Pullen.  Sheldon’s No. 14 ended hitting the outside wall, then
    crossing the track before coming to rest next to the inside wall.  Sheldon’s car required a tow to get back to the pits,
    while Hough drove back with terminal rear end damage.
    A fourth caution for Pullen running into some more issues on the backstretch bunched everyone back up for the final
    14 laps of the race.  Once the race restarted, it became a four-man race between Heffner, Harper, Dillon Steuer and
    Timothy Davis.  Harper appeared to have every bit of the pace of Heffner, but simply couldn’t get going quickly enough
    to exploit it.  Heffner was able to hold on to take the victory on the track.
    The story did not end with Heffner taking the checkered flag, though.  As is the norm, the top five finishers had to go
    over the scales.  Heffner’s Bicknell chassis came up light, which resulted in disqualification.  Harper inherited victory
    as a result.
    “I had a car that was pretty good; it got better as the race went on,” Harper said afterwards.  “I think that the
    restarts killed us tonight.  J.R. was much better on restarts.  Once we got settled in, I don’t think he left me.  We
    even gained a little bit back on him.  I don’t like winning [via disqualification], but I’ll take it.”
    Steuer finished second, while Davis was third.  Ray Hall Jr. finished in a season-best fourth, while Jason Herrington
    was fifth.

    Upstate GM Dealers presents the Ollie’s All Star Circuit of Champions A-Main Results (25 laps): 1) Brock Zearfoss, 2)
    Davie Franek, 3) Danny Dietrich, 4) Gerard McIntyre, 5) Corey Eliason, 6) Tony Stewart, 7) Justin Barger, 8) Greg
    Wilson, 9) Paul McMahan, 10) Dale Blaney, 11) Jordon Givler, 12) George Hobaugh, 13) Aaron Reutzel, 14) Justin Peck,
    15) Mark Coldren, 16) Scott Holcomb, 17) Lucas Wolfe, 18) Darren Schott, 19) Jason Berryhill, 20) Skylar Gee

    THOMPSON, Conn. -- Running two full-time schedules is difficult on any driver and team.
    But Zachary Robinson seems to be having plenty of success doing it this year.
    The Putnam, Connecticut, driver competes at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in the NASCAR Whelen All-
    American Series Limited Sportsman division and spends his Friday running at Stafford Motor Speedway, just across
    the state of Connecticut.
    Through the first four races at Thompson, Robinson has two finishes inside the top five, with a best of second, and
    sits third in the championship standings, just 10 points from the top.
    “We’re definitely right there every week, the car is really happy getting into the corner and through the middle, but it
    isn’t happy off the corner, we are lacking some drive-off,” Robinson said. “We are trying multiple different things. My
    crew chief has been trying everything he possibly can, and we are right there, just need a little bit more.”

    Competing in the Limited Sportsman division at Thompson is a tough task for any driver. With 31 different
    competitors already taking the green flag in 2019, competition is at a high level, and passing on the track is difficult
    when most of the cars are close on speed.
    “These cars definitely have a little bit more weight compared to any other car,” Robinson said. “There is a big
    difference between Stafford and Thompson. When you go down the straightaway and into the corners at Thompson,
    you are really hauling. We are running the same setups at both tracks, and I’ve had a little bit of a struggle finding the
    right one at Thompson. It’s hard to make a pass. You must be right on the ball with your car to do it. A lot of the guys
    show up every week with the best car and they have put more laps on these cars than most of us have. You have to
    know where you can make the move.”

    Robinson is no stranger to racing. He has a background of competition in his family, which helped him get rolling at a
    young age. He competed at the Little T Speedway, on Thompson’s property, before making the move to the full-bodied
    Limited Sportsman.
    “It started a long time ago with my grandfather, when he was just 16, he picked up his first car and built it all from
    scratch, and he had a lot of success at all three of the Connecticut tracks,” Robinson said. “I drove quarter midgets
    down at Little T before taking a bit of time off, but when I turned 14-years-old, I was over at Stafford Motor Speedway
    watching a few races, and I was watching their Street Stock division and took I interest in it. My grandfather sold his
    motorcycle for us to be able to buy my first car.”
    After coming close to grabbing his first checkered flag, Robinson has a goal of holding that winner’s trophy before the
    end of the season. If he continues to run consistently towards the front, he will even be in contention to battle for the
    championship in the stretch run.
    “I’ve definitely looked into the points, and we are definitely looking to try to finish inside the top three this year,”
    Robinson said. “We are going to try our best. Our goal going into the season was just to have a consistent car, and we’
    ve had that all year.”
    Even though he is having success on the .625-mile oval, Robinson still looks down the hill to the Little T Speedway
    and it brings back the memories for him.
    “It’s definitely cool,” Robinson said. “I never thought I was going to be able to run Thompson. We always went for the
    World Series because it was the end of the year, but I didn’t think we would be able to run weekly. A few different
    things happened and when we went over to Thompson and ran the full season last year, and we decided to run both
    tracks this year. It’s been fun.”
    “My grandparents have been behind me since day one, along with everyone else involved,” he continued. “We’ve had
    someone do all of the setup and the framework, and without the sponsors, it wouldn’t be possible. They are all right
    there when we need them no matter what.”
    Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park drivers have a bit of time to work on their equipment before returning to the
    track on July 28 for the fifth race of the season. Up next on the calendar, all five NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
    divisions will compete on a Sunday afternoon, joined by Lock City Drift for the third round of their Street Series.

    The event schedule for the July 28 NASCAR show will be released in the coming weeks. For more information on
    Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, fans are encouraged to visit the website, www.thompsonspeedway.com. For
    the latest news, follow the track on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.   

    Kyle Souza
    Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
    205 East Thompson Road | Thompson, CT 06277
    M: 508-642-2033
    E: ksouza@thompsonspeedway.com
    W: www.thompsonspeedway.com

    Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park teams have a chance to tune on their rides during a short break from NASCAR
    Whelen All-American Series action. Racing returns to the NASCAR oval on Sunday, July 28, where all five of the
    NWAAS divisions will compete, along with the second round of the Street Series for Lock City Drift on the road course
    outside of the frontstretch grandstands.
    For more information on Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, fans are encouraged to visit www.
    thompsonspeedway.com, and for the latest and breaking news, follow the track on social media via Facebook,
    Instagram and Twitter.
    Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park | The northeast’s premier motorsports and entertainment destination
    After 76 years leading the way in motorsports – introducing the first purpose-built road course and first asphalt high-
    banked oval in America – Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (TSMP) is now proud to offer even more.

    By Kyle Souza, Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

    THOMPSON, Conn. – Last Saturday was a special day for the Christopher family.

    Mike Christopher Jr. climbed from his car victorious in the 30-lap Sunoco Modified feature at Thompson Speedway
    Motorsports Park, picking up his first career win at the .625-mile oval. The win meant a lot to Christopher and his
    father, Mike Christopher Sr., especially because of the hard work they had been putting in to get to that point.
    But, there was also a feeling of accomplishment for the rising Modified star that he had been aiming for since day
    one. He added to the list of Christopher drivers who had taken the checkered flag in a modified race at Thompson,
    and more importantly, he did it while standing right in front of a painted set of initials and numbers in Victory Lane.

    The ground reads: “TC 99”.
    Mike’s uncle, Ted Christopher, a multiple-time TSMP champion, was killed in a plane crash en route to a NASCAR
    Whelen Modified Tour race at Riverhead Raceway in 2017. He scored 99 career wins at Thompson, including one just
    days before his passing. While holding the checkered flag, Mike felt like that number moved to 100.
    “It was kind of my goal since I saw the TC 99 in Victory Lane. I thought it would have been cool to win and dedicate it
    to him and say that he got 100,” Mike Christopher Jr. said. “To be in Victory Lane with it there, it was a surreal
    feeling. With my dad all excited, he was even talking to the reporters. Everyone wanted to even hear what he had to
    say. That was my goal. Mission accomplished.”
    That mission wasn’t successful without a wild ride. Christopher wasn’t in the lead when the field took the white flag.
    He was staring down the bumper of Troy Talman, and setting up his move. On the final circuit, he made the pass for
    the win, and found himself crossing the line ahead of a stout field of competitors.  

    With the Thompson 75 on the schedule Thompson did not host a Late Model feature for its track division. Instead
    Thompson’s regular Late Model drivers were allowed to enter the ACT race free of charge and test their skills against
    some of the best drivers in New England and Canada. The event served as the fifth race on the ACT schedule with
    four different winners visiting victory lane in the first four events of the year. One driver that had yet to earn a win
    though was Jimmy Hebert who sat second in points heading into the Thompson 75. Hebert started up front but if he
    was going to claim his first win of 2019 he was going to have to earn it as he had to battle a tenacious Ryan Kuhn
    who led early and challenged Hebert through numerous restarts as the race went on.
    As fate would have it, Hebert and Kuhn lined up side by side once again in the final restart on lap 64 and engaged in
    one of many side-by-side multi-lap battles for the top spot in the closing laps. Hebert managed to finally wrestle the
    lead away for good with less than ten laps to go and never looked back securing his first ACT win at Thompson and
    his first series win of the season. By earning maximum points Hebert unofficially took the points lead from Rich
    Dubeau who finished seventh.

    Hebert was one of many winners to thank his father in victory lane, appropriate seeing as Sunday June 16 is Father’s
    Day. He continued a trend that started earlier in the afternoon as many feature winners took the time to thank,
    acknowledge and pose for photos with their fathers to celebrate Father’s Day a day early. But no moment seemed
    quite as special as the scene that unfolded after the Sunoco Modified 30-lap feature. Mike Christopher, Jr. continued
    the family tradition by claiming his first ever Thompson Speedway win in a wild last lap pass of Troy Talman who had
    dominated much of the race to that point. The nephew of the late Ted Christopher who won 99 races at Thompson,
    Mike Christopher, Jr. celebrated his win in a victory lane baring his uncle’s initials dedicating his victory to the racing
    legend before posing for photos with his father, Ted Christopher’s twin brother Mike.
    “It feels good. I’ve been coming here since I don’t even know how young I was watching my uncle win all of these
    races here,” Mike Christopher, Jr. said. “His names not here in victory lane because he was a nobody, so it feels good
    to finally be here and get number 100 for Ted Christopher.”

    SUNOCO MODIFIEDS FEATURE TOP-10: 1. Mike Christopher, Jr. (Wolcott, CT); 2. Troy Talman (Oxford, MA); 3. Todd
    Owen (Somers, CT); 4. Keith Rocco (Berlin, CT); 5. Ronnie Williams (Tolland, CT); 6. Woody Pitkat (Bellingham, MA); 7.
    Kyle James (Westerly, RI); 8. Adam Gada (Bozrah, CT); 9. Corey Barry (Brooklyn, CT); 10. Paul LaPlante (Situate, RI)



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